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Friday, 18 November 2022

Scottish cattle and pigs driven to Stonehenge? Most improbable.........

Nice picture, but was this really a Scottish pig?

This is an interesting and well-informed short article criticising the "mixed messaging" of Madgwick et al who claimed in 2019 that isotope evidence pointed to animals being driven all the way from Scotland (and West Wales) before being killed and eaten in jolly BBQs at Durrington Walls.  A number of us have pointed out that a close scrutiny of the evidence does not show that at all -- and that the animals killed could well have come from much closer to hand.

This confirms the points made in a recent paper about the isotope levels associated with granites around Dartmoor, which are higher than previously assumed and which fall within the "far travelled" range chosen by the original researchers.

Well worth reading......

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