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Saturday 2 May 2020

First prize in the garbled title competition.......

This has recently appeared on Researchgate. It is so irresistible that I have to reproduce it, with a commendation for extreme originality and incomprehensibility:

Stonehenge as a state-of-the-art Neolithic European public health complex: A hormesis device for preventing lithospheric magnetic field-induced emerging skeletal tissue-associated diseases and megadeath during severe weakening in the geomagnetic field strength

Maybe we all have something to learn, during the coronavirus pandemic, about how top health complexes were run back in the Neolithic?  NHS, please take note.........

This is, shall we say, a somewhat exotic development of the Darvill / Wainwright hypothesis of Stonehenge as a healing centre.

Anyway, if you are up for getting even more mystified, read on.........

January 2020
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.14700.92805
Yash Agarwal, Sarah Ho, Cole Beatty, Musa Turkle Bility


In 2019, J. Channell and L. Vigliotti demonstrated that major mammalian die-offs in Europe and North America were linked to minima in the geomagnetic field strength. Neolithic Europeans constructed Stonehenge in present-day southern Britain during an epoch associated with rapid and massive population collapse, and minima in the geomagnetic field strength, which occurred around 5,000 years ago. In 2008, T. Darvill and G. Wainwright proposed that Stonehenge was constructed for healing purposes. Timothy Darvill and Geoffrey Wainwright interpreted evidence of interred individuals from different geographic regions of Europe, with skeletal tissue-associated diseases and the perceived medicinal powers of the Welsh-blue stones as an indication of a complex constructed for healing purposes. Currently, the inferred use of Stonehenge for healing purposes by Neolithic Europeans is widely interpreted as superstitious and ritualistic acts. Here, we propose that Stonehenge was a quantum theoretic-based public health intervention, for preventing lithospheric magnetic field-induced emerging skeletal tissue-associated diseases and widespread death via hormesis. Several pieces of evidence support this theory. The selection of a unique white-chalk bedrock region (Wiltshire-Salisbury plain), with a negligible lithospheric magnetic anomaly, located at a great distance from the site of materials procurement (at farthest, 150 miles away in West Wales). The selection of iron-oxides containing sedimentary (silicified sandstones) and igneous (blue stones) rocks at approximate proportion to the composition of the Earth's crust-surface rocks, and representing the extremes of the lithospheric magnetic anomaly in southern Britain. The selection of a concentric-circular shape for the arrangement of the stones, which enables the construction of precise interference patterns of the resulting lithospheric magnetic field. The resulting magnetic anomalies, induced by iron oxides-containing rocks of Neolithic Stone Circles was recently confirmed by C. Richard Bates et al. The alignment of the structure with the summer and winter solstices, which coincides with the periods of low solar magnetic field activity, low ionospheric dynamo-magnetic field activity and concomitantly low/negligible lithospheric magnetic field activity. Here, we also demonstrate that the present-day severely weakened geomagnetic field and concomitant excited lithospheric magnetic field in North America is also associated with emerging skeletal-neuromuscular diseases in animals and humans. This work is a novel approach to addressing scientific questions in anthropology, as it incorporates well-established concepts in geophysics, space physics, geology, biophysics, and spin chemical-physics to reinterpret evidence about the purpose of stone circle structures, constructed by Neolithic cultures in Europe and other parts of the world.