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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Devensian (?) till at Locks Common, Porthcawl


Many thanks to Greg Nuttgens for drawing this to my attention.  And thanks to him for the photos.  On Locks Common, Porthcawl, on the west-facing coast, there are remnants of an old raised beach platform with exposures of what must be a till with a reddish colour and a highly varied content of stone inclusions. Many different shapes and colours -- and origins.  The grid reference is SS805774.  I assume from the appearance of the deposits that they are uncemented.

We should not be surprised by this -- till patches are shown on the geological map, and it's clear that the extensive blown sands in the area overlie glacial sediments (both till and sands and gravels) which extend well inland.

It will be good to get to this site and take a look -- just to see what the full stratigraphy may be. 

This confirms in my mind that the Devensian ice edge as portrayed in much of the literature is incorrect, and that it lay to the south of Porthcawl .......

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