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Saturday, 3 October 2020

A Devensian ice edge at Porthcawl?

In our recent post we demonstrated the consensus that the Devensian ice at the western edge of the vale of Glamorgan lay approximately in the position of Porthcawl.  The geological map shows this rather clearly -- we can see assorted deposits (note particularly the till patches shown in blue and the sands and gravels shown in pink) between the northern edge of the town and the M4 motorway.  These patchy deposits are overlain by extensive blown sands -- including the Kenfig Burrows and the links golf course of Royal Porthcawl and Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club.  It looks to me as if Devensian till underlies at least a part of the town and the coast to the NW -- so it would come as no surprise if fresh till exposures are to be seen along the coast between Nash Point and Margam Burrows.

Box Bay -- a favourite climbing location

Rest Bay -- with some exposures worth investigating........

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