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Friday, 12 August 2011

Those computer simulations

Blogger did something strange to those simulations mentioned by Henry.  I can't edit the comments, but I hope this will work in a mainstream post!  Click on the following and they should work!


Steve Hooker said...

I couldn't make any sense of the KML files. The FLVs were a nuisance. So I converted and uploaded the three videos.

I see the 'most representative' of the simulations has ice floes that come down the Irish Sea across to Exmoor.

But I was fascinated by the direction of the floes down the Welsh Marches to Worcester and Cheltenham area.

Of course, the 'maximum' version takes these floes over and past Stonehenge down to the coast at Bournemouth and Portsmouth.

I wondered if any of the unplaced 'bluestones' could have come from 'the north.'

BRIAN JOHN said...

A valuable service, Steve! I too could not get at these on the BRITICE site for some reason. Three interesting models -- note that they are for the Devensian, not the Anglian. The Anglian ice extent, as agreed by almost everybody, was probably greater. And that is the one we are talking about with respect to Stonehenge.

Being pedantic -- ice floes float, and glacier ice flows, generally in contact with the ground surface.

I wouldn't rule out the idea of more extensive ice coming down from the north -- but one would need more "ground truthing" in support of the computer models......