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Thursday, 18 August 2011

More digging in the hills

 A little bird tells me that Profs W and D have been in the Preseli Hills again this summer, presumably digging as part of their SPACES project.  One site being excavated was the old round barrow which had human remains in it, at Croesmihangel not far from Crymych.  Below is a write-up of a PLANED bus trip which paid a visit to the site.  I gather that Dyfed Archaeology was also involved.  By all accounts the two profs were also doing some work in their supposed Carn Meini "quarry" and that a TV crew was in attendance.  Just can't wait for the next blockbuster......

Croesmihangel Dig

With hopes of avoiding the forecasted rain, a bus full took to the Preselis to visit Professor Geoffrey Wainwright and his team who were digging at Croesmihangel, at the foot of Foel Drygarn.

The damaged round barrow on the eastern end of the Preseli ridge was excavated in the 1950s where they found cremated human bone so this dig is examining the remaining mound and ditch.  They had discovered a burial site when we arrived but had not opened it yet.  This dig is part of three being undertaken by the SPACES project.  They have also looked at a burial chamber at Carn Menyn and are now moving on to a pit circle at Withybush.

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