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Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Cerrig Marchogion


Cerrig Marchogion, right up on the Preseli ridge, is not an easy place to photograph, but this splendid photo published by Hugh Thomas on the "Preseli 360" Facebook site, captures the character of the landscape really well.

You may recall that this site has been mooted, at various times, as a quarrying site for both spotted and unspotted dolerites, but now seems to have dropped out of the calculations.  If anybody thinks they have found a quarry up there, he / she must have a very vivid imagination.....

If you must have the truth, these stones are of course the petrified remains of the fallen knights of King Arthur, slain in battle against the fearsome giant black boar called Twrch Trwyth, back in the Bad Old Days.


chris johnson said...

Triggered by Hugh a while back I started noticing how the tops of many stones seem to reflect the shape of the distant hills - here too.

All coincidence probably.

BRIAN JOHN said...

The tops of all stones and rock outcrops are sort of approximately rounded, and so are the tops of hills. Amazing1 The hills must have been put there quite deliberately.