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Wednesday 18 March 2020

The submerged forest compendium


During the last fortnight or so there has been a flurry of activity, involving many observers, concentrating on the submerged forest exposures around the West Wales coast.  To make it easier for those who might want to follow up on all this, here is a list of the key posts:

28 Feb   Newgale

29 Feb  Amroth

1 March  Amroth

3 March -- Blue clay -- and Marros, Ynyslas and Clarach

3 March  Lydstep

3 March  Abermawr and other sites

4 March  Submerged forests map for Pembrokeshire

5 March Sea level curve

5 March The missing millennia

6 March  South Wales peat beds

8 March  Sedimentation cycles

9 March  Exploitation

13 March Forest growth / rising shoreline

14 March  The 7,000 BP eustatic event

15 March  The time sequence

16 March  Freshwater West

17 March  Gravel Bay

18 March  Pendine


This is now by far the most substantial source of information on the West Wales submerged forest, incorporating (with many thanks) valuable photos and observations from many contributors.

The resource is free for the use of others, and the URLs of relevant pages can be cited as references where appropriate.  We will appreciate citations, and please remember that if photos are reproduced, it is good practice to cite the photographers (where known) by name.  They should be approached directly if higher resolution images are needed.


Newgale.  Janet Jenkins, 2014

.....and some older posts

20 Sept 2018  Freshwater West

10 Nov 2019  Newport

28 May 2019  Borth

5 March 2019  Abermawr

14 Feb 2018  Abermawr

13 Feb 2018  Abermawr

22 Jan 2018  Abereiddi

18 May 2016  Borth

14 Feb 2016  Freshwater West

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