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Sunday 15 March 2020

Those Norwegian Woolly Mammoths

It's a while since I have had contact with the Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjaerland, very close to the edge of Europe's largest ice cap -- Jostedalsbreen.  So it was fun to come across a photo of the family of woolly mammoths installed outside on the lawn in 2013.  It was even more fun to discover that they were made in Cardiff and transported to Fjaerland by a Welsh haulage company.

Marit Orheim, the powerhouse behind the founding of the museum, was one of our dearest friends, who sadly died some years ago.  But I well recall assorted hilarious evenings during which she planned to get those mammoths installed -- and she was quite determined that they should be named Papputh, Mammuth and Babbuth.  I hope her wish has come true........

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