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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Glacier surface textures

Click on this to enlarge -- it's a great photo from Ruth Mottram, showing the surface of the Schuchert Glacier in East Greenland, with the Arcturus Glacier joining from the uplands on the top right.  In 1962 we walked over the distant col on the right-hand skyline, down the Arcturus Glacier to the mining settlement of Malmbjerget, on the spur at the end of the big mountain in the centre of the photo, and then afterwards down the surface of the Schuchert Glacier.  We got caught in a blizzard on the Arcturus Glacier -- that was a bit exciting......  and a few days later some of us were suffering from heat stroke.

In "Acts of God" (forgive the plug!) the heroes have to traverse the rock face which is in the shadow on that big pyramydal peak -- in order to get into the tunnels and deal with the dastardly villains.

But the glaciology in this photo is REALLY interesting. Moraines, meltwater channels, old closed crevasses, lineations and other surface features derived from ice-falls a long way upstream, abundant surface melting features, etc. 

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