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Friday 9 September 2016

Devensian stratigraphy of South-West Wales


More than 40 years after it was published, this article has been largely forgotten, largely because the word "Vistulian" appears in the title.  That was done at the insistence of the journal editor -- at the time there was a great debate about terminology.  The terms "Wurm", "Vistulian" and "Weichselian" were often used for the last glacial episode in Europe, and the term "Devensian" had not come into common usage for Britain or anywhere else.

Nonetheless, I still think it is one of my most important peer-reviewed papers, since it describes the Devensian stratigraphy of Pembrokeshire and adjacent areas, and seeks to reconstruct what the periglacial and other environments might have been like over a period of over 70,000 years.  In recent decades this sort of stratigraphic analysis has rather gone out of fashion, which is a pity.  The article is still relevant, and more to the point it is still CORRECT in almost everything it says.  Stratigraphy hardly ever lies........

Feel free to check it out:

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