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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Back to normal service

Thanks for the patience during the breakdown of the mail service!  It was a password authentication problem -- a typical Apple Mac issue.......

If I have missed any submitted comments, apologies.  Some messages might have come in and been accidentally dumped while I was sorting things out.  Anonymous messages will ALWAYS go straight into the bin -- I don't even get to see them.

By the way, since some were asking for reports of the MPP talks last week, I got this today from a very senior (retired) academic: 

"We very much enjoyed your talk at Castell Henllys last week. We also attended the talk the following day by Mike Parker Pearson which was interesting but had a far more uncritical, one might almost say sycophantic, audience. The debate at the end of your talk was enjoyably extensive and pointed by comparison. It was especially disappointing that despite the juxtaposition of the two talks and theories MPP did not even acknowledge the existence of an alternative to his view."

So there we are then.


TonyH said...

Precisely the point I have today made to a Mr Peter Dunn, who made a comment also today, on one of Brian's very recent Posts (the one about the "bluestone photographic gallery" on that excellent, separate Blosite) in which he disliked my reference to 'photogenic, TV archaeologists' and their tendency to be "away with the fairies".

TonyH said...

People really must be encouraged to be DISCERNING, as your very senior (retired) academic clearly is.

A great proportion of adults these days have a University Degree as a matter of requirement for employment. It is to be hoped that Blogs like this one continue to encourage enquiring, sceptical and discerning minds.