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Monday, 15 August 2016

The Pont Ceunant Moraine -- another image

This is a fantastic image from the Bing web site, showing the area covered by the Pont Ceunant moraine.  Pont Ceunant, near Newport, is a viaduct crossing a small stream -- it is located under the word "Morris" at the top of the image.

The morainic litter is quite extensive.  There are some very subtle features showing up on the westernmost part of the area covered with reddish bracken -- south of the road and to left of centre.

I must get out there and examine them......


Dave Maynard said...

Seems like another walk is needed, is Chris about?


BRIAN JOHN said...

As far as I know, Chris is back in the Neths. The bracken is too high just now for hoofing about in that particular wilderness -- may well wait until it's died back a bit.