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Monday, 22 August 2016

Cwm Gwaun subglacial meltwater channel

I came across this excellent photo on a local B+B site.  Many thanks to Deirdre Edwards.  It's one of the best photos I have seen of the subglacial meltwater channel which runs for over 10 kms from Cilgwyn to the sea at Fishguard --  as featured in many textbooks.

The alignment of the channel is still something of a mystery, since it appears to have been cut by meltwater flowing westwards or north-westwards -- against the gradient of the Irish Sea Glacier.  That's why I have suggested on a number of occasions that it might have been cut originally by meltwater flowing beneath an expanded Welsh ice cap, and then modified under the influence of ice flowing in other directions.


Alex Gee said...

Next time you're in the Nunney area I suggest you take a walk along the Wadham Valley!

BRIAN JOHN said...

Yes, some of those valleys are rather spectacular ..... glacial meltwater? Well, why not?