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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Children of Nature

This is wildly off-topic, so please forgive me.  I have just discovered that my all-time favourite film, called Children of Nature (1991), is now available on YouTube  for viewing in full.  You will need reasonably fast broadband.  Here is the link:

The film has a special resonance for me, since the focal point in the latter part of the film is the Vestfirdir region of NW Iceland, to which I led my first university expedition in 1960.  Then I went back to the area for several summer research trips in the 1970's.  We visited Hesteyri, where the final scene is set -- deserted and indescribably beautiful.

So I am a child of nature myself, as you might have gathered.....

The opening sequence of the film, in which the old man leaves his house, is very slow, but is an exquisite piece of film-making -- poignant, and so full of human dignity. I defy anybody to watch it without getting a lump in the throat or a tear in the eye.  I think the whole film, at 1 hr and 22 mins, is a masterpiece.  Enjoy!


chris johnson said...

Off-topic maybe but thanks for the idea, otherwise I would not have watched this memorable film. Even though I watched in Icelandic and did not understand much the theme is universal and very relevant to all of us, especially those like me who are getting older. Note to self: try to die with walking boots on when the time comes!

BRIAN JOHN said...

I had forgotten that there are no English subtitles on this version! I have watched the film so many times that I know it by heart......... but actually the theme is so universal that any language will do! Or no language at all.

TonyH said...

On Chris's theme, it's good to realise I've just replaced my walking boots - my old ones are literally dropping of bits! Inadequate, methinks, for the occasional ramble on Salisbury Plain (Army flags permitting).

Brian, you may be a fellow Child of Nature, but your Blogsite here is about to reach an impressive ONE MILLION!!