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Sunday 7 August 2016

Carn Briw -- burial mound and stone extraction pits

There is now some great imagery available on the Bing site.  This is Carn Briw, not far from Carningli.  It's presumed to be a Bronze Age burial mound on the summit of a gentle hill.  It has been messed about with by many generations of hill walkers and small children, so it's now conical. The most interesting thing in this photo is the scatter of pits from which the stones for the mound have all been collected.  Shall we refer to this as a quarrying site?  Well, why not.....?

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BRIAN JOHN said...

I hasten to add that the equation here was not one pit to one monolith. The great majority of stones used in this mound are skull-sized or smaller -- so each pit must have been dug to provide an assortment of stones, each one easy enough to carry away and chuck onto the mound as it grew in size.