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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The great passage grave hunt

Passage graves?   Photos:  courtesy Emyr Jones

Following a mention in one of the local archaeology newsletters, there has been a flurry of activity here in North Pembrokeshire as people of all ages and levels of expertise go off hunting for passage graves on Brynberian Moor.  I was alerted to this by Emyr Jones, who has stimulated a lot of discussion on social media.

The approx grid references for the features found by Emyr and his friends are SN 095338 and SN 087332.  One of the features is near a prominent hawthorn tree on the moor, and the other is not far from the edge of a recently burnt area.

This is a part of the moor which is not visited very often, lying on the flank of the great moraine which I have described in earlier posts in the vicinity of Tafarn y Bwlch.  On the OS map the area is referred to as Banc Llwydlos.

I shall go and take a look, and report back......

Above is a Google earth image of the Banc Llwydlos area -- a big and boggy wilderness area of several sq km with extensive tracts of gorse, bracken and wetland.  Needle in haystack territory -- but this is the best time of year to go searching, before the bracken gets high.

On the image above Tafarn y Bwlch is on the extreme left, and the big farm is Penanty-isaf.  The stream catchment is that of the Afon Pennant, which flows down towards Brynberian vallage and the Brynberian river gorge.


chris johnson said...

Super locations near the new visitor centre :)

Look forward to hearing more after your visit - wish I could accompany you but it looks like I won't be down until early May

BRIAN JOHN said...

Quite so, Chris! Maybe Llew Rees has had one of his JCBs hard at work -- he is seriously into stone moving, with a view to commercial advantage......

Off up there to have a look this afternoon. Give me a shout when you come over this way -- a bit more exploring in the wilderness could be on the cards.