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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Penanty-isaf gallery grave

This feature is a little more than 1 km from the Banc Llwydlos gallery grave, to the NW and further down the Afon Pennant stream.  It's located on boggy grassland, about 20m from the most prominent hawthorn tree on this part of the common.  Another smaller hawthorn tree is also 20m away.  The boundary of the enclosed land belonging to Penanty-isaf  Farm is about 150m away.

Like the Banc Llwydlos feature, this one is about 12 m long, with a "passage" or "gallery" about 1 m wide.   The alignment of this one is quite different, with a closed end to the NW and the open end to the SE.  About 31 boulders are visible, but here they are not set in prominent ridges -- the ridges are no more than 20 cms high.  Also, the grassy passage is at the same level as the surrounding grassland.  The eastern row of stones appears complete, but the western row is much shorter.   Could it be that this feature was started and never finished?

It certainly looks like a relative of the features at Bedd yr Afanc and Banc Llwydlos, but maybe we should refer to it as a proto-gallery grave, or some such thing.......

Grimes originally interpreted Bedd yr Afac as a wedge-shaped feature like those of southern and eastern Ireland.  Is this one wedge-shaped as well?    Not sure about that.....

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