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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Banc Llwydlos prehistoric burial sites

I have just upgraded some of the software on my computer, and suddenly have access to Apple Maps -- and a new satellite coverage with amazing definition.  Here are the two features on Banc Llwydlos to which I have devoted some attention recently.

The gallery grave stone alignments are perfectly obvious.  The cromlech and rough hollow which we can refer to as an embanked grave or a chambered tomb is at the eastern edge of the bouldery area right of centre on the image.


Dave Maynard said...

Is there a way for us non-Apple mortals to access this?

I used my Apple ID to get into Apple Maps, but quickly got bogged down in Apple trying to use my location and sign me up for Apple Pay, so I left it to itself.


BRIAN JOHN said...

They try to get me to add my location too, but I refuse -- and it still works OK. If you have problems, Bing satellite imagery is almost as good -- check it out!

Myris of Alexandria said...

The trouble with these photos is the more you look the more you see.
Are there hut circles?? old field walls?? animal pens??.

Read Archaeology and Landscape at the Land's End :The West Penwith Surveys 1980-2010. 2016.
Sublime book but by the Gods you have to study the photographs very hard indeed.
But as this book states time and time again it is difficult to date these structures, often even to relatively date them. However this is how it should be done (needs a fairly 'unimproved landscape' no good for Hertfordshire?.

Quite a cheap book well worth reading does all of the archy up to WWII -a similar book but more popular on the Mendips a couple of years ago by EH I think. That was a nice rather jolly read.

Just thought for an wizz app (I don't own a mobile 'phone so app is a guess)an automatic ley-line discoverer for such maps a sort of instant overley (sic) -bet it would sell well -there of course may already be one.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Yes, there are features everywhere -- to their credit, Dyfed Archaeology field workers have scoured the photos and the maps and have described most things -- and I have cited their publications many times. Very measured and careful work, mercifully free of wild speculations. But the records are not digitised, and cannot be got at online. A great pity.......