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Friday, 14 April 2017

More Rhosyfelin gobbledeygook............

 This is the title of the video -- pretty cheeky, if you ask me, since this extraordinary nonsense could bring my own book -- of the same name -- into disrepute among serious seekers after the truth..... should I complain about copyright infringement?

A few weeks ago I spotted this extended piece of pseudo-science from Hugh Newman, on YouTube and on a web site called "Megalithomania", which I chose to ignore on the basis that it falls fairly and squarely into the trash bin reserved for the lunatic fringe.  This is the sort of material that causes even quite senior archaeologists to roll their eyes and move on rapidly to something else --- since it does the reputation of archaeology no good at all.

Anyway, you could have knocked me over with a feather this very morning when I discovered that the video has now been accorded official recognition and embedded in the "Land of Legends" web site:

There is certainly a strange sort of fascination in watching this video!  Try it for yourself, and wonder at the garbled rubbish that can come from people who have a vague understanding of what is what, and who have neither the time nor the inclination to do any proper research on the things they are talking about.

But what was the point of putting this on an official web site published by Literature Wales and funded via the public purse?  Was this intended to give potential visitors to Wales a good belly laugh, to relieve the boredom of their everyday humdrum lives?  Let's assume that this is just Literature Wales poking fun at the people who take this sort of stuff seriously.........

That having been said, what was the point of including Rhosyfelin on the new web site as a place of "sacred and spiritual significance" when there is nothing remotely sacred or spiritual about it?  Aren't there enough sites in Wales that really do have associations with saints, pilgrims, hermits and religious beliefs?

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Dave Maynard said...

That was an interesting half an hour, together with other videos. I'd never been aware that St Davids was so close to Angle.