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Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar eclipse at Pentre Ifan

It was a pleasure, this very morning, to be one of a group of august senior scientists gathered at Pentre Ifan for the observation of the solar eclipse.  Those present, in perfect conditions, were happy to share with others their high-tech scientific implements designed to give an optimal view of the great event.


TonyH said...

So presumably the gathering DID see the Solar Eclipse with your clearly highly sophisticated equipment, but I am puzzled: what has happened to Pentre Ifan Scheduled Ancient Monument? Did the Solar Wind carry it off towards the Faroes?

Meanwhile, down here in West Wiltshire - less than 30 miles from Stonehenge - some of us were surprised to get very decent glimpses of the Eclipse too, through the cloud cover. Various of my fellow Friday morning singing friends saw it en route to our singing session from all points of the compass.

We then offered up our voices in celebration of the celestial ceremony. None of us is Druid, I would add, that is, as far as I am aware.

BRIAN JOHN said...

We had a very pleasant lady druid in our midst, colander in hand, red cloak on her shoulders and flowers in her hair. As far as Pentre Ifan is concerned, it was all present and correct, and more of that anon.....