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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Over 650,000 page views

Much to my amazement, we have now gone over the 650,000 mark in terms of page views for this blog.  That's very gratifying -- some people must find it interesting and maybe even informative......

Other info:  I have put up 1470 posts since the blog started, and over 11,000 comments have been published.  Goodness knows how many more I have rejected, or have been intercepted and binned by my spam filter.

I keep on getting hassled by Google and Blogger to allow adverts on the blog, with a guarantee of vast earnings!  No way -- personally I get intensely irritated when I find adverts on other people's blogs, and I shall steer well clear of them on this one.  Hope you all approve!


Constantinos Ragazas said...


Keep up the good work! In this Information Age, blogs like yours may prove to be more valuable than peer reviewed publications. As Jon suggested awhile back, seek to archive it for posterity!


chris johnson said...

Just to say I enjoy your blog hugely. Thanks.

Helen said...

Hi Brian

Please forgive my use of comments for this - there's no need to publish it if you don't want - but, even though it's quite a long way off-topic for the site, I thought it might be of peripheral interest.

I spotted this article in New Scientist which refers to a new study about the genetic makeup of 'Us Brits' and, perhaps unkindly, my first thought was that those who believe that the Druids built Stonehenge may not be best pleased. There's also some long-overdue debunking of the urban myth that 'Celtic' somehow refers to a race of people.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass it on in case it's of interest:

"Ancient invaders transformed Britain, but not its DNA"

The map of the waves of immigration is here:

Congrats on reaching the 650k page views milestone, too!

BRIAN JOHN said...

Thanks Helen -- yes, this is interesting research. Useful info, which I was able to digest once I had cooled down following intense irritation with the BBC. Yet again they refer to the study as "an Oxford University Study" and "... research by Oxford University..." when this is actually just a bit of research by one research team in one department of what is actually rather a large and diverse institution. Am I being pedantic?

Helen said...

"Am I being pedantic?" - No, I don't think so. It's not difficult to make sure things are correctly attributed, it's basic professional courtesy, at a minimum, I'd have thought...

T said...

Congratulations on scaling the heights!

A quick use of your Blog Search Feature reveals:-

You started this Blog around October 2009.

By 29.11.2010 11,000 Page Views

24.11.2011 51,400 " "

22.10.2012 c200,000 " "

22.04.2013 c300,000 " "

18.03.2015 650,000+ " "

Phenomenal rate of growth! I gather from one of your comments that you were getting page views from all over the world.

BRIAN JOHN said...

I have another site meter, and here are some other titbits of info:

Most visits involve 2 page views.
There are almost always more than 4,000 page views per month, with a peak of about 9,000 page views in Sept 2014.
On average, there are 200 page views per day.
There are a lot of referrals from Google and Yahoo searches.
On the world map there seem to be just as many site visits from people in the USA as from Europe.