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Friday, 13 March 2015

New work at Rhosyfelin

My spies from down in the valley tell me that something has been going on at Rhosyfelin since the big group of diggers left in September. Since my last visit (towards the end of September) somebody has lovingly wrapped the big stone (loosely referred to as the "pseudo-proto-orthostat") in black tarpaulin, so as to protect it from the vagaries of the weather and maybe from the prying eyes of geomorphologists too.......... or maybe it's being preserved in pristine condition in readiness for a starring role in a new TV blockbuster.......

Then there has also been activity at the tip of the Rhosyfelin rocky spur, where a small blue tarpaulin has appeared.  I did not lift it up, for that would have felt like an unwarranted intrusion into somebody's privacy, but I can only assume that there was a sudden need for more samples to be analysed and maybe radiocarbon dated -- so somebody has paid a visit to do some sample collecting.   This is of course the area referred to as a "floor" -- possibly associated with Bronze Age or Iron Age occupation of the site. The "hearth" referred to by Prof MPP is just a few metres away, round the corner.

All very mysterious.

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