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Monday, 15 September 2014

Rhosyfelin radiocarbon dates

A while ago I reported on some leaks concerning "inconvenient" radiocarbon dates coming out of the Rhosyfelin excavations:

I've now had it confirmed that neither the geologists involved in this project, nor Dyfed Archaeological Trust (project partner and the monitoring organization which is charged with keeping tabs on what is being done at Rhosyfelin in the name of science) knows anything about any C14 dates already reported to the lead researchers.

One would have thought that project partners, in a situation like this (where three annual digs have passed without any on-the-record reporting of interim results), might  have been informed of key findings.  Maybe they haven't even asked.......?

All very strange.  If anybody would like to enlighten us, please let us know.


Constantinos Ragazas said...


It's simple! 'If it doesn't fit, MPP will not commit' to any objective data.

Any bets we will never know these C14 dates? But we mustn't let this important issue fade into oblivion! And keep asking and provoking.


BRIAN JOHN said...

Don't worry, Kostas. The dates will appear eventually -- when people get dates that don't fit their working hypothesis (or their ruling hypothesis) the first instinct is to say "Oh, the dates must be wrong......" and to submit more samples! I suspect that might be what's going on right now.....