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Thursday, 18 September 2014

More fantasies from Carn Goedog

Somewhere, in the middle of this little lot, MPP claims to be able to see five sockets from which spotted dolerite monoliths were hauled away, and off to Stonehenge.  Feel free to click to enlarge.  If you can see any sockets, please send your answers in on a post-card addressed to the University College London Institute of Archaeology, and you might win a round-the-world cruise as a prize. Then again, you might not.  Well, you can always dream.....

From Davey's Report of the MPP talk, 17th Sept 2014:

He talked briefly about Carn Goedog and that he had discovered the sockets where 5 stones had been taken from, he showed some (rather unconvincing) slides around this. 

Perhaps the diggers at Carn Goedog have been spending too much time in their cosy little edifice, and not enough looking at the features of the landscape?  That's a pity, since the weather has been absolutely wonderful ever since they started.


Davey said...

Third picture is very similar to one shown by MPP. I recognised it because of the 'scooped' vertical stone at the bottom. The stones were allegedly removed from the gap between the two standing stones top left.

there is a fallen block now in the gap.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Yes, that stone is very photogenic...... As for gaps -- is any gap at Carn Goedog a candidate to be referred to as a "source" for a Stonehenge monolith? Have these guys ever looked at a natural landscape before?