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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Strange encounter on Carn Goedog

Now there's a funny thing.  I was up on the top of Carn Goedog today (with a jolly group of U3A walkers who wanted a guided tour on Preseli) in quite rough weather -- strong wind, and threatening rain.  We got to the top of Carn Goedog, and gazed down, and there far beneath us we saw a little group of archaeologists, complete with mapping equipment, tapes and shovels, mapping out something or other.  Probably one of the frequent small enclosures -- Neolithic or Bronze age -- that seem to have been built against the rock outcrops all over the place.  We resisted the temptation to roll boulders down on them, as one is supposed to do with all invaders from foreign parts, and contented ourselves with speculating as to which tribe they might have belonged to.  The MPP tribe or the W&D tribe?

When we get further reports from our spies, we will report back.......

In the meantime, here is a bit of speculation.  Of course, it looks as if Carn Goedog was one of the sources for the Stonehenge bluestones -- so the archaeology boys and girls need a quarry there.  Maybe they have found one?  Even if there isn't one, any old archaeological remains will do, since they will demonstrate that this place was "special" and therefore worth collecting stones from. Ah -- what an old cynic I have become!

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chris jones said...

It was an amazing walk enhanced by the presence of Brian. As stated the weather was challenging but we had a memorable lunch near to the bluestone quarry. At times we thought we may loose a member over the side of a tor due to the strong wind, but no twenty two of us went up and an exhausting four and a half hours later twenty two of us were back. Thank you brian for giving up your time to spend it with us today