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Friday, 2 September 2011

The Invasion of Preseli

Several little birds tell me that following the latest digging exploits of Profs W and D in eastern Preseli, Prof MPP is also heading west as part of the Great Bluestone Quarry Hunt.  I hope that these guys are all doing some serious archaeology rather than wasting taxpayers' money by looking for "quarry" traces in the landscape which can be matched up with the 30 or more rock types that appear to be present in the Stonehenge bluestone assemblage.  This latter obsession, which becomes ever more absurd and fanciful, is quite intriguing from a psychological point of view, and would make an interesting study in itself.........

Needless to say, all these splendid fellows seek, with great determination, to avoid any contact with people such as myself whose ideas about glacial erratic transport are "inconvenient"............  and maybe they do have some tame geomorphologists or glaciologists on board, who tell them what they want to hear?  Or maybe their research agendas are set these days by TV producers who are planning ahead for their next Stonehenge epics? (There must be several on the way, with the Olympics coming up next year.)

This whole business becomes more and more bizarre.  Will we see bloodshed on the rolling uplands of Preseli, or is there some sort of uneasy truce between the tribes?  All will be revealed.......

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