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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rhosyfelin -- place of beauty, or corporation rubbish dump?

Far be it from me to cause any mischief, but I was down at the site this morning, and wondered what the official view might be of the appearance of the dig.  When you look skywards, you see something of great beauty (top pic), but when you lower your gaze, you are confronted by something like a corporation rubbish dump (bottom pic).  The plastic is shredding every time there is a high wind, and a large piece of it was discovered the other day in the garden of the cottage next to the site. 

Apparently somebody came from the National Park Dept not long ago, and it seems that he was responsible for lovingly wrapping the pseudo-proto-orthostat in new tougher plastic sheeting.  Why?  Is it likely to be harmed by the rain? Answers on a postcard to the National Park office please.......

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