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Saturday 20 December 2014

Fluvio-glacial gravels around Clarbeston and Clynderwen

In addition to the patchy spread of fluvio-glacial gravels in the Rosebush - Llangolman area, there is an even more extensive spread some miles further south, in the vicinity of Clarbeston Road, Clarbeston and Clynderwen.

I recall doing some mapping in this area more than 40 years ago, and at that time there were a few small private gravel pits where exposures could be seen.  At the time I was in a hurry, and somewhat naive -- I wish I had kept better field notes!

These gravels are spread across the landscape, so they are not fluvial gravels dating from interglacial phases -- they must, I think, be linked to the Anglian Glaciation.  The same must be true of the associated till deposits mapped by the GS surveyors.  Sid Howells has done some work on these and other gravels -- I look forward to comparing notes with him.

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