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Monday, 15 December 2014

Cool book on Kindle giveaway

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Stonehenge, but maybe a little bit with the Ice Age........  My new novel entitled "Acts of God", set in East Greenland during the Cold War, is available free (just for 15th and 16th December) in the Kindle version.  You have to download it from the Amazon web page, here:

Here are some of the early review comments:

"I finished the book last night.  Brilliant!"  Gill
A wonderful, intriguing, spellbinding book.  Loved it!"  JB"Couldn't put it down!  I loved the characterisation of the key players in the story, and the interplay between them as the mystery deepened."  Vanya "The plot builds like a great web of deceit and intrigue, weaving around the heroes, drawing them ever onwards and deeper into peril."  Allison "Most enjoyable!  Brian John gives a new meaning to Cold War."  Barrie
The denouement in the final scene was priceless...... I really enjoyed your detailed and descriptive writing style."  Janet
"The cold, clinical, cynical and brutal violence perpetrated by both sides and depicted here is shocking, but honest...... The dangers faced by the expedition members become more than risks of natural disaster, and the story becomes compelling."  Philip

.......and here's a funny thing. When I was making my web site for the new novel, I was hunting for a suitable domain name and came across this one:  Given the topic and the story's location, I had to have it!  So in exchange for a few quid, I am now the proud owner, and my web site has the following URL:


rob said...

Yes if you want a good, not exacting, read, non-stop action and everything you wanted to know about artic geese then this is for you.
Spoiler alert, no geese are hurt.
Am awaiting the tropical follow-up. "Swets of god" there is a golden opportunity.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Thanks Rob --glad you enjoyed it. Geese? Only mentioned in passing -- skeins of them winging their way symbolically southwards, over the heads of our stranded heroes. One should be far more worried about polar bears and wolves...... they'll just gobble you up with no compunction.

Rob said...

Quite correct I meant the call of the great northern diver.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Ah -- now you're talking! Deeply symbolic, that bird is........

TonyH said...

Great Northern Diver? one of Arthur Ransome's children's novels had the title "Great Northern". My naturalist brother, who for the last 15 - 20 years has lived above Trevin, introduced me to the Arthur Ransome stories. A.R. had quite an amazing life, partly spent in Soviet Russia. This has recently been discussed on Radio 4, folks, if anyone out there is at all interested I expect it's
avaialable in a pod,pellet or
kangaroo pouch.

But, on this Blogsite, we're mostly interested in the amusing Wild Goose Chases of the Lesser Spotted Over - Imaginative Archaeologist, with its well - known rattled cry, "Smoking Gun, Smoking Gun!".

TonyH said...

How are sales of your Greenland - based book "Acts of God" doing so far?

BRIAN JOHN said...

Thanks for asking, Tony. Sales are rather slow thus far -- to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. But one has to be realistic -- the thriller / conspiracy / suspense / action market is incredibly difficult to break into. There are literally thouands of titles out there to compete with -- and many of those are written by very well-known authors with big publishers behind them. So a book written by a relatively unknown author and published by a publishing house very few have heard of is going to find it a struggle. But I live in hope -- as more reviews come in, and people tell others about the book, maybe it will take off in a few weeks' or months' time......