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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Stonehenge Unhinged

New video:

in which I have a go at the idea that Stonehenge was, at one time, a magnificent structure, brilliantly designed, geometrically perfect, and well constructed by master craftsmen. Ho hum -- show me the evidence for all of that, and I might believe it.....


Kostas said...

… for a moment I thought you were referring to my article “The un-Henging of Stonehenge” !

For the benefit of those that are not yet familiar with it, I provide the URL below:

Can we have an online discussion on the Stonehenge evidence, point by point? Let your readers decide what explanation makes sense.


BRIAN JOHN said...

We realized when we had drafted out the video that our title was very similar to yours! But others on YouTube have also used the "Unhinged" pun -- so there is nothing new under the sun.....

Very happy to give the link to your site and PDF -- but no point-by-point discussion on this site please. Life is too short -- and we have already covered many of our points of disagreement.

I will set the agenda. I have other things I want to explore. Set up your own blog? It's really quite easy.

Kostas said...


… of course I respect your right to set your agenda on your blog! It was only a suggestion. I thought your readers would find it interesting. It may even trigger more postings of comments and more traffic on your blog, as the mystery and suspense of Stonehenge builds up!

As for setting up my own blog, I am enjoying yours too much to do otherwise! Seriously, my only agenda is truth! I know you feel the same.