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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Stonehenge at the DO lectures

I've been invited to Cilgerran in September to give one of the Do Lectures 2010. Click on the title above to go to the site.

That will be fun -- I shall talk about Stonehenge and the bluestone transport theories. I may well touch on the dangers of turning myth into "truth". What will I encourage my audience to ACTUALLY DO? Well, to use its brains and to employ a little scientific scepticism, when fed a load of guff by those who are scared to death of scientific rigour!

What I will say is that there are two conflicting theories -- there is no killer fact that proves one right and the other wrong, but we do have a lot of hard evidence that points (In my humble opinion) very clearly in one direction.

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Constantinos Ragazas said...


Congratulations being chosen a DO-lecturer! I only wish I was there to hear your talk about Stonehenge. Please DO post your DO-lecture on your blog!

You write, “What I will say is that there are two conflicting theories --”.

Actually Brian there are three theories about Stonehenge: 1) the 'human transport theory' , 2) the 'glacier transport theory' and 3) the 'smart ice theory'! The first is pure fantasy and answers nothing. The second answers the transport of bluestones well but leaves unanswered most all other questions. While the third answers everything!

Perhaps you can just make a mention of the 'third theory' by referring those interested to my article “The un-Henging of Stonehenge” where they can read and judge for themselves. A precise Google search of the title will bring it up.