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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Stonehenge Gaps

I have been trying to find out how much work (if any) has been done in the 50% or so of Stonehenge that has not been excavated. The plan above (like many others in the literature) show that work has been concentrated in certain small areas -- fair enough, since people want maximum returns from their investments. I am trying to address this question: "Was Stonehenge ever completed?" It seems to me that the only way that question can be answered (apart from finding the 70 or so missing stones in a dump somewhere) is to show through geophysical investigations that there are indeed stone sockets in the places where they are assumed to be, and maybe stumps or even complete fallen stones beneath the turf. Does anybody know what geophysical scans (resistivity work, magnetometer, ground radar etc) have been done in the "empty half"?? If such work has been done, where are the results?

I have been waiting for this info to come forward since "The Bluestone Enigma" was published -- but so far, zilch........

Could it be that it suits many people rather well NOT to have an answer to my question?

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