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Monday, 4 October 2021

Three thousand posts


I have just realised that we have gone through the 3,000 posts barrier on this blog, since it started in May 2009.  There are 1.8 million hits on the site, and 31,900 comments so far.  Keep them coming!  I hadn't realised that I have been quite busy!!  Most of the posts have something to do with Stonehenge, although I cannot resist putting up posts now and then which are designed to share my knowledge of (and my enthusiasm for) glaciers, glaciated landforms and glacial sediments.  I like a good debate, and I enjoy teaching, even though I am no longer a teacher.  After all, I have to do something to keep the old grey matter in reasonable shape.........

Anyway, it's good to know that the blog contents are being archived by the National Library of Wales -- so that when something happens to me (as it surely will) all that effort will not have been wasted!


Tony Hinchliffe said...

Congratulations, Brian!

Helen said...

Happy blog anniversary!

Thank you for some truly thought-provoking and well-reasoned writing - here's to the next three thousand!

PeteG said...

I've learned a lot from this blog.
Some of the photos are fantastic,
well done Brian.


Tony Hinchliffe said...

220 more Pageviews since this morning, too! This is a dynamic blogsite!