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Monday, 5 November 2018

Coastal geomorphology of high latitudes

Two images of an eroding permafrost coast in northern Alaska -- where lenses of ground ice are melting out, causing overhangs and catastrophic collapses.

I referred to this long and rather comprehensive article on a blog post not so long ago -- but I had not realised that those nice people at Researchgate have made a digitised version of it.  So it is now available here:

If you want to check out any matters relating to coastal environments, sea-level and isostatic effects, erosional and depositional features, or the the effects of ground ice and sea ice, take a look.  Here is a list of the contents.

The 132 pp research review by David Sugden and myself was intended for a non-specialist readership, and although it was written a long time ago (1975) -- before climate change became a massive issue -- it still contains a good deal of relevant material.  Enjoy!

A superb set of raised strandlines in one of the fjords of Svalbard.


PS --  oops -- sorry!  I discovered that I did a post on this research review back in 2014.  Had clean forgotten.  Never mind -- good to give folks a reminder as to what is available, now and then!

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