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Friday 6 April 2018

Waun Mawn -- and that awkward slope

This is a nice photo of the Waun Mawn standing stone and one of the recumbent stones -- looking towards Preseli.  The enclosed green and fertile area in the middle distance is Hafod Tydfil.
If you enlarge this photo you;ll see that we are looking over a convex slope.  The bottom part of the putative 140m circle is over that slope, out of sight.

I likely place for a complete circle of this size?  On the whole, I think not.....

1 comment:

TonyH said...

What awkward slope? - back in the Day, they all had just ONE leg - with a (slightly longer) wooden leg to "cope with the slope". It's what Tim Darvill, had he been around then. would have called strategic surgical engineering of human resources.