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Saturday, 14 April 2018

A thousand published comments

This is quite weird -- I noticed the precise time when we went through the million mark on the web site hits, and today I noticed that we have published exactly 1,000 comments.  That indicates a fairly lively level of engagement or involvement -- so thank you all!  I am aware that many comments have also gone astray, so apologies for that -- there are various technical issues beyond my control, and I still don't quite understand why Blogger notifies me of some posts and not others, and completely blocks others as well.    The only posts which I have asked Blogger to block are anonymous ones -- and so if anybody out there does want to contribute, please do it under your real or assumed name.


TonyH said...

I'm surprised that there's been only 1.000 comments. Dou you know, Brian, how mant Posts you've written since the star of the Blog?

BRIAN JOHN said...

More than 2,000 posts since the start -- regarding comments, a lot of posts get no reactions at all, although they may get many page hits. The statistics given by Blogger are not all that helpful...... and I don't know how accurate they are.