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Thursday, 23 November 2017

This is a great NASA image taken from the space station, showing Wales and Ireland, and showing too that the Earth is not flat.  That will come as a surprise to some people.

Because of a freakish cloud cover, we can see beautifully the Cheshire Plain - West Midlands depression along which the eastern branch of the Irish Sea Glacier penetrated to the neighbourhood of Birmingham on at least two or three occasions.


Jon Morris said...

You don't need to go far to prove that the world isn't flat Brian.

Just walk from Foel Feddau to Foel Eryr. The neolithic mound on top of Feddau can be seen, obviously above the horizon, from Eryr and the neolithic mound on Eryr can similarly be seen (above the horizon) from Feddau.

The angles down from each peak to the horizon are such that one could easily show that England and Ireland could not exist if the world was a flat disk. I photographed this unusual set of topographical circumstances after a great evening chatting with you a couple of months back!

Dave Maynard said...

No Comments.

We are all carefully contemplating the fine rocks of Carn Menyn, Maiden Castle and even more spectularly, the Nasa image of Wales and Ireland.

I am even more contemplative at the re-emergence of the flat earth brigade, I thought they had disbanded themselves when the Apollo missions sent pictures of the curvature of the earth back down. I guess all sorts of other beliefs long thought to be extinct like dragons, must be stirring themselves.

I have seen houses in Greece where the occupant believe in the seven gods and have their statues around the garden. Lasr week, we also happened on a stash of candles in a crevice at Carn M...They are still there for those that need them. I also saw a very strange stone circular enclosure at Carn M, which must have been seen by others before, but never mentioned in any report, so I wonder if it is a recent creation.


The Afanc said...

David, you should at least believe in The Afanc and Santa Claus, and perhaps I should ask Santa for a clear definition of 'Naughty' and 'Nice'.

Fact ----- About 65 years ago, my Grandfather told me that we had to turn the (single) electric light off because it would make the coal fire go out; I still believe him.