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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Is there a glitsch?

Just checking with faithful followers of this blog --  I have received a message from one person who has tried to post comments in the last few days, but I have received nothing through the normal Email channel. Sounds as if there is something wrong somewhere.

I'll appreciate it is one or two of you could post something so that we can do a clinical trial.......



Neil Wiseman said...

Hiya Brian,

I did post one on the Julian Richards book article, but it never showed up.
I attributed it to you being out of the country at the time, but now realize that aliens ate my dingo ...


Myris said...

I posted two on the same subject also lost to mbwa.

BRIAN JOHN said...

O dear -- that is sad. More pearls of wisdom lost without trace, in the mud.......

TonyH said...

Julian Richards, meanwhile, is probably still alive and very well and residing somewhere in Shaftesbury.

I would advise anyone who wishes to take issue with "JR" over his book's inadequate representation of the background knowledge Glacial Transport Hypothesis should send it to him thus:


Julian doesn't like his email address to be known widely. His Blogsite is out of date.

Myris of Alexandria said...

Transcendental gems rather than mere pearls (our own dear Queen’s favourite drink dissolved in acidic wine, beats Tums any day). More barbs than baubles.
Still don’t despair there will be more and yet more
Yes I agree volcanoes are wonderful, I have seen many – my best ones in Iceland (lots of hot springs there you come out smelling of rotten eggs) and El Salvador, sadly a very very good friend of mine was vapourised by one in South America some decades ago. A shock to us all and to him I guess. Quite a few volcanologists end up being killed by their passion.
They are wonderful to watch, (volcanoes not men being literally being incorporated into them). I missed seeing a lava flow by 6 hours in Iceland. A great regret.
Avoid calc-alkaline volcanicity. Of course that is exactly that type of explosive volcanic action that gave us the bluestones (not the dolerites) but the tuffs and rhyolites. Note no mention of ignimbrites there are no ignibrites at Stonehenge.