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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New video on the "Quarry" digs

A new video has been placed onto the Vimeo (Heritage Daily) web site by Adam Stanford and Aerial-Cam, promoting the work of the MPP team at Craig Rhosyfelin and carn Goedog.  Luckily there is no commentary, so we can just enjoy the pictures, which have presumably been acquired from drone cameras.

The title is of course unfortunate, since there is no hard evidence that shows that any of the bluestone monoliths at Stonehenge have actually come from Craig Rhosyfelin.  But why let the truth get in the way of a jolly video?

The video sequences from the two sites show the extent of the digs, the archaeologists beavering away, and the complete lack of any prehistoric "arrangements" or "installations" that might reasonably be considered as having been man-made.

The only quarrying ever to have gone on at these sites is the quarrying you see in the video.

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TonyH said...

The recent BBC2 Saxon - Viking Saga, "The Last Kingdom", based fairly loosely on Bernard Cornwell's books, had overhead aerial camera shots of a (historic) battle on the North Devon coast at Countisbury. Wonder if Adam Stanford and Aerial - Cam were consulted regarding technique?