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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

More about Bayvil

One of the strange things about the blogging business is that you never know which blog posts are going to be popular.  I noticed that this rather innocuous post has had 115 views already:

I thought it was entirely unremarkable, but it has had far more views than many much more contentious items -- so do the viewers know more that we think they know?  I wonder what the source of the interest is?

Anyway, at the head of this post I have put a couple of photos of the old Bayvil Church, not far from that gatepost / standing stone, since it is one of the most wonderful (de-sanctified) churches in Pembrokeshire.  On the outside it just looks like a Victorian rebuild, but inside it's quite splendid.  "Minimalist" is the word that springs to mind.  There is no internal decoration at all.  It's complete with box pews for the commoners, an old flagstone floor, a private box pew for the local lord of the manor, a raised pulpit and a medieval stone font.  If anybody from the local area has not visited the church, please do so -- you will be delighted!

In the upper photo the strange thing that looks like a ladder is the bier that was used to carry coffins and corpses into the church from the lane at the edge of the churchyard........

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