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Tuesday 15 December 2015

The other modern bluestone monuments

Apologies for the confusion in a previous post.  The truth appears to be as follows.  The Waldo Williams monument near Mynachlogddu, out on the moor not far from the village, is on the south side of the road on the edge of a car-parking area.  It was put up in 1978 in memory of one of Wales's foremost poets who lived near here.  The spotted dolerite stone used was obtained locally, but was NOT lifted and delivered by means of a Chinook helicopter.  In 2010 a memorial plaque was affixed to the stone.

There is another bluestone monument on the other (north) side of the road.  The centrepiece is the stone lifted by the Chinook and put in place in 1989 -- as part of the fund-raising campaign by the Cystic Fibrosis Society.  I was wrong about PCC -- the local authority that gave a great deal of support was Preseli Pembrokeshire District Council -- this was the era of Dyfed County Council, which does not exist any longer.

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