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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Cabin Door collapsed arch

Everybody knows about the Green Bridge of Wales, the huge natural arch on the Flimston limestone coast of South Pembrokeshire.  That's big and very spectacular, but even more impressive in Victorian times was an other arch, further west and not far from Linney Head.  It was called Cabin Door,  and the photos show what it looked like in 1896 and what it looks like today.  The arch collapsed during a storm in 1903 and what impresses me is the fact that of the thousands of tonnes of debris that must have resulted from the collapse, virtually nothing remains.  It has all been smashed up and swept away by the sea.  Coastal erosion on a rather spectacular scale........

By the way, the fresh rockfall scar seen on the cliffs in the distance had nothing to do with the Cabin Door arch collapse.

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