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Monday, 14 December 2015

More entertainment!

Should I laugh or cry?  Well, we are having an entertaining evening!  Now the Mail and the Telegraph have also got hold of the story, and the game of Chinese whispers is strarting.

The top headline re the Metro article is absolutely splendid.  Kostas, if you are out there somewhere, you will be gurgling with delight.........

Postscript:  It has occurred to me that the Google headline is probably a computer-generated one.  No human involvement.  It doesn't match any of the press headlines, and I imagine there must be a strange algorithm somewhere in the middle of the Google Empire which creates headlines like this, just for use on search engines.  Strange world we live in........


TonyH said...

Google has metamorphosed into Gargle!!

Rather like a lot of the freebie Metro newspapers I saw on the Bath train today that had been crumpled and discarded by disgruntled commuters.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Perhaps all those Metro readers were disgruntled because of the article in it about those nasty geomorphologists blowing up Neolithic quarries?

Richard said...

Went to Stanton Drew for the first time - amazing, so peaceful. As a geologist I was more interested in identifying the rocks than trying to involve myself in any ritual speculation!
I purposely didn't research anything before I went and managed to identify three rock types, 1 - Pennant ( I live 400-m away from an old Pennant quarry, 1 - Oolitic limestone and I had the rest as MMG, some with quartz crystal void fills. I missed the silicification.
I guess the MMG could be local. The limestone could also be fairly local - Ubley or thereabouts but the Pennant seems to me to be some distance away from its situ. I wonder why only one was Pennant - perhaps it was connected to some sort of it.. no, won't go there!
Thanks for an interesting blog.
I went to Avebury last Thursday and especially to the grey whethers at Fyfield down. The main question that occurred to me was, 'why is there no cross bedding in the sarsens?' Were the sand grains too fine ?
That's what I like about geology - always more questions than answers.
Best wishes

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