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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Coming soon........ a look at those "engineering features"

 Rhosyfelin 2014.  Some see a monolith delivery route, loading platform, and revetment or quayside on an old river bank.  Sorry chaps, it's a jolly tale, but we see nothing of the sort........

Coming soon:
Brian John, Dyfed Elis-Gruffydd and John Downes.  2015. OBSERVATIONS ON THE SUPPOSED “NEOLITHIC BLUESTONE QUARRY” AT CRAIG RHOSYFELIN, PEMBROKESHIRE.  Archaeology in Wales 54, pp 139-148.

This is a more detailed paper than that published at the beginning of November:

That paper (62 reads so far) was essentially a short note directed at a readership of geomorhologists, geologists and other Quaternary experts.  The new paper is more detailed, and is aimed at a readership of archaeologists.  Following positive and creative comments from the referees and from the Editor Jemma Bezant, some rewriting was done, and on their advice the paper now addresses head-on some of the issues relating to so-called "engineering features" at Rhosyfelin.

Issue 54 of the journal is in the press, and should be available within the next two weeks. (The same journal has published a number of the papers written by Rob Ixer and Richard Bevins, and we applaud the willingness of the editor and publishers to stray outside the normal archaeological "comfort zone" and to publish material which is likely to be rather controversial!)

Watch this space..........

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