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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Gernos-fawr: is this a cromlech?

Does anybody know anything about this site?  It's at Gernos-fawr, on the common just outside the fenced area of the farm.  Grid ref:  SN071339. The top photo shows the context -- an area of hummocky and dissected moraine -- part of the Gernos-fawr moraine complex.   But on the summit of one of the mounds (lower photo) there is something that looks suspiciously man-made -- a roughly rectangular arrangement of stones set on end, enclosing a hollow about 3m x 4m in extent.  There might be something at the far end which resembles a portal arrangement.  But this looks far too small for a serious long barrow / cromlech feature, and the only site which might be related is Bedd yr Afanc, or maybe Cerrig y Gof.

Alternatively, this might just be a medieval corn drying kiln, like the one at Mirianog Ganol.

Does anybody have any hard info?


cysgodycastell said...

This is a fascinating area. You threw up a picture some time ago showing what could be a new ring cairn in the bwlch between Banc Du and Cnwc yr Hydd just a short distance away(and there is another Banc Du just the other side of Foel Eryr also of some archaeological interest).

This 'cromlech' is well of the beaten track and you may have made a new discovery. The farm inhabitants may be perhaps the only people who might know anything.

BRIAN JOHN said...

I spoke to the farmer, and he says there are strange stone settinga all over the place. There is something near the farm gate that he calls a collapsed cromlech -- and there is indeed a big flat stone there, with smaller stones under it.