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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Preoccupied with East Greenland

Ice, water, land and sky -- two of my favourite images from East Greenland -- both pictures taken near the Bear Islands, in freak light conditions.  Not by me, I hasten to add.......

A bit preoccupied at the moment with getting my new novel into print.  It's called "Acts of God" and is based -- very loosely indeed -- on my experiences in East Greenland in 1962.

It should be out, both in paperback and in Kindle edition, in early November.

So there isn't much time at the moment for thinking about Stonehenge and other frivolous things.


Constantinos Ragazas said...


Congratulations on your new novel! I like the title: "Acts of God".

Does that include ”Acts of Nature"?


BRIAN JOHN said...

Ah, I'm sworn to secrecy, Kostas -- you'll have to get a copy in order to find out. Available in the Kindle version on November 5th......