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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Tragic English Eccentric

This is a fun site, all about erratics and how glaciers never really had anything to do with them.  Well, it's that sort of site........
But the mysterious author has certainly put a lot of work in, and it's very useful for its multitude of hyperlinks.  So thanks to him (her?) for that.....  And I am very happy to see some of my material used on the site, even though I am referred to as an "etch-a-sketch glaciologist".  Should I feel flattered?

Here is a flavour of the text:

The origins of the English Erratic boulders are shrouded in mystery and intrigue for many people.
Mainstream geologists generally try to ignore the widespread distribution of erratic boulders in Southern England because there is no credible evidence that ice sheets travelled this far south.
The usual mainstream response is to suggest a particular specimen is probably a “glacial erratic”.
The suggestion is often followed by a quick exit before anybody can ask an awkward question.

Unsurprisingly, the lack of a credible mainstream explanation has encouraged many other hypothesises – some with tragicomedy consequences.

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