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Friday, 25 April 2014

Tysfjord, Norway

This is a wonderful photo (click to enlarge) of Tysford in Norway (which I assume means "Quiet Fjord").  This is one of the most spectacular illustrations I have seen of an intensely scoured glacial landscape.  Look how bare and rounded the fjordsides are.  The "horn" on the right side of the photo still has a little plateau remnant stuck on top of it -- and even on the flanks of this peak there are no great accumulations of scree -- the rapidly flowing ice of the Devensian Glaciation has swept almost all of the loose debris away.

The steep mountain is called Stetind.  The fjord itself is the second deepest in Norway, almost 3,000 feet deep at its deepest point -- this attests to a great deal of ice pouring out from the Scandinavian Ice Sheet towards the Atlantic Ocean.  Tysfjord is inside the Arctic Circle, not far from the Lofoten Islands.

Of course some people want to climb Stetind -- altitude 1392m.  Here is a climbing pic...... makes me giddy just to look at it!

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