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Monday, 28 April 2014

Rhosyfelin and some heavy symbolism....

A mystery photo of a coffin under a black shroud....  would somebody like to think of a suitable caption?


TonyH said...

Elton John's* latest artistic creation? - we think one of his cast - off, hammered to bits pianos is beneath the shroud. He wants to name it after the first line of his 1st Big Hit [My Song], namely:-

"it's a Little Bit Funny..."

*aka Reg Dwight

TonyH said...

Or could there be, underneath that tantalising shroud, a presumably very HEAVY keyboard once played by the likes of GENESIS [this could upset quite a few atheistic Geologists out there] or MIKE AND THE ORTHOSTAT MECHANICS.
As a few of us know, Sheffielder Mike Rutherford has since physically metamorphosed into someone not unlike MPP (happens to us all with the passage of time... "THE LIVING YEARS").

That magnificent, primitive keyboard has played some other outstanding New (stoned) Age hits from Mike and/or his friends, such as:-

ALL I NEED IS A MIRACLE [to lug this all the way to Wiltshire via the A40]

OVER MY SHOULDER [and I'll rupture my spleen and join the BeeGees]

SOLSBURY HILL [outside Bath now, near Peter Gabriel's pad. Gonna lay my heavy burden down soon, on God's own Salisbury Plain! Amen]

HE'S NOT HEAVY, HE'S MY BLUESTONE ( But themSarsen stones weigh me down, down, down)